So Much…

School is harder this year! Ugh! I have my moments but finally do my work without much trouble. I had fun buzzing through 8th grade science. I had to build a model for one assignment. I opted to show how eclipses work. B enjoyed learning it again. Our 4-H Club atteneded Farm City Day and played games and spread the 4-H word. It was a fun day. We laughed and played and ate homemade salty ice cream. My new yoga pose. Finally decorating the tree. The cats are leaving it alone. It was fun to put all the old family ornaments on. I realizedI didn’t have that many with my name on them! So we will find a few this year for me!We went to the Decorators Night at the Festival of Trees. I enjoyed seeing our wreath on display. It’s price was $55! wow! My favorite was the Harry Potter tree. We saw one of Santa’s elves. The next day we took Grandma Susie to Brooker Creek where we were helping with a program on insects. We took our collections and then spent time explaining everything to the people that came. I did a great job of actually talking to people! We have been butterfly sitting during a cold snap. This little monarch was released this week now that it is warmer.

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