Disney Camping

Mom and Dad surprised us with Trail Riding at Fort Wilderness this year. I had so much fun on the horse! Mom had the stubborn horse but controlled him well. Dad’s horse kept snacking on trees. We had to wear these silly hair nets! We carver our pumpkins wiht technology this year. Dad bought this drill attachment that helps gut the pumpkin. All it really did was make a GIANT mess… it flung pumpkin with force all over the motorhome…and MOM!Resorting to the old fashion way! Dad trying to prove that it can be done neatly. A long while later I made a penguin! 🙂 Mom makes us take this same photo every year. This was my favorite golf cart in the parade this year! It was AWESOME !Some of our new friends were camping too and we had a blast hanging out at the beach and swimming in the pool late at night. Someone wasn’t very funny for trick or treating! I had a HUGE haul! We roasted marshmallows at the campfire when Dad was out. He had to go to DC for a few days and missed Halloween proper.

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