UF Entomology Field Camp – Bug Camp

This was the first year I was able to attend Bug Camp at UF. I absolutely loved it. B and I got put in separate groups so it was nice to have some time away from him but still do the same stuff. There were about 30 kids in the program this year. We did a field research project where we tried to attract ants with cookie crubs at various plotted locations in the woods. Our team was called the “Mighty Mud Daubers”. I didn’t like the name but I helped to make the logo and color it in. We discovered that the campground was a huge hotspot for insects after dark . I caught a cool katydid and a few long horned beetles. I loved having help with a butterfly I caught. I couldn’t get the wings to relax. I learned how to use a syringe to rehydrate the joints. I made a few friends. We got to dissect a grasshopper. I thought this was really fun!  My collection grew a little on the collection trips but I had more fun seeing what everyone else was catching.

I loved the trip to the new bee building. We got to work some hives and learn all about the process used for collecting honey from the hives.
I got to try on all the bee gear! One day we took a trip to the Florida Natural History Museum and visited the butterfly rain forest. I love the atlas moths! We spent a LOT of time out in the NATL. I walked into one plot and vanished. I was able to keep my net high in the air so Mom could keep track of me! I collected lots of caterpillars and wore them around the rest of the day. I even brought along food for them. Some of my new collection. The giant Hercules beetle I purchased with bug bucks that I earned at camp. B and I did some aquatic collecting. I got to hold a scorpion. I really want one as a pet! We had a fun day at the Santa Fe River for aquatic collecting. I really got into it and was out in the middle of the river in no time finding hellgrammites, baby dobsonflies.  We found a nice nitrogen ice cream shop in Gainesville when Dad got back up with us. We enjoyed a huge sweet treat before the wheels rolled north on our summer journey.

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