Orlando Marriott Get-Away

Dad signed us up to do a Marriott Vacation Club preview. We got to stay at one of the Vacation Club properties for a few nights in Orlando. Originally we planned to go to Disney most days but the report had so many cool things to do we decided to just stay there. We packed food for most means and snacks and headed over. We enjoyed the pool, even in the rain. Once the thunder rolled in the pools closed until it passed. There were so many activities to do like candle making, soap making, jewelry, ice cream socials, fishing and other games. We waited out the rain and did all sorts of fun crafts. The room was HUGE. I took the fold out sofa. B had his own room, as did Mom and Dad, complete with a GIANT hottub! The rain just kept coming down. We found a path from one end of the resort to the other with the minimal rain walking. We played some air hockey and ping pong.

After the sales pitch, Dad and Mom went to a wine and cheese paring. We hung out at the resort and watched TV in the room and then went to do some activities at the center. Dad headed back home to catch a flight to DC for the workweek. We headed to the pool for more fun! They had a giant bubble end of the pool. The place was empty because of the rain so we had it all to ourselves most of the evening.

One night we went to watch their Dueling Pianos show. It was rainy so it was head up undercover. The rain still found a way to sneak in so the show was delayed a few times as water poured off the roof. The next day we participated in a fishing derby. B didn’t catch anything but I caught a little fish. We tied for first place with one fish! For our prize they have B and I each an icee. I hated it and felt it was far too sweet so I threw it out at the next trash can! The rain started to get worse with lots of thunder and lightning. A huge front was approaching just as our pool SCUBA was scheduled for. We waited it out as did the instructor. Finally the storm passed and the pools opened back up. We eager raced to the location and listened to all our instructions. My vest and tank had to be put on in the water since it weighted as much as I did! I was fine with the mask for the first time in my life. I hate masks! We swam all around under the water. We played torpedo catch. I had a super fun time. We relaxed and watched a movie on tv at night when another storm rolled through. In the morning we loaded the car and headed down to cash in some prize coins we earned on our stay. I got a squeaky green alligator. We played another round of wizards chess. On the way home we stopped at the outlet mall to get dad a few shirts for work. We found the BreaverTails truck that just opened the day before. We had BeaverTails in Banff last summer and were eager to have them again. YUMMY! We had an amazing, relaxing getaway.

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