District Events for 4-H

I gave an amazing talk on Lepidoptera of Florida and collecting techniques. I had one minor error on a slide that cost me high points. Unfortunately it wasn’t caught at county events. I still had a great time with my first ever blue ribbon at Districts! I attended the 4-H District IX Council meeting as a voting delegate. I had no idea that this would lead to me volunteering to be on the district council as the reporter for next year. It seemed like a lot of fun and since I have to go to the meetings when B goes anyway, I may as well get something out of it and help out. Time for awards and me receiving a blue for my demo. B got high points in his category. I had tough competition! I was just happy to get a blue. Celebrating with our county youth. I may look angry but I was really just exhausted. Public speaking is NOT my thing and it really wore me out.

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