Wild Caving at Raccoon Mountain in Tennessee

We took Luna up to Tennessee for the cornbread festival. The campground we stayed at offers cave tours and wild caving. We opted to do the Echo Room wild cave tour. 3.5 hours of crawling around in mud, shimmying through small spaces and having a total blast!

We all had to crawl through an 18″ high hole that was half way filled with water. We all got soaked and more muddy. I was excited but when I felt the cold water on my legs there was NO WAY I was doing this! After much prompting and prodding and negotiations, I removed my helmet and went through on my back. I was cold and miserable but proud of myself for accomplishing a fear. We had a lot of fun and all came out injury free. There were slips and slides, near losses of shoes, a Mom sliding rather aggressively down a slippery slope on her bottom and a few other memorable bumps in the trip. B and I enjoyed some gem panning after we got all cleaned up. Mom spent the afternoon doing laundry! Go figure!

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