Cornbread Contest!

Well, I mentioned before that I was one of 10 finalists in the National Cornbread Festival 4-H Cook-off. I have been working a LOT lately to perfect my techniques and get my time down to 10-15 min to prep. I really want to show off my knife skills and all the fun things that go into my recipe vs just dump random containers in. I have been working hard on chopping rosemary with the giant knife. It first it took me about 4 minutes to chop it, now it takes less than a minute! I love how it looks when it comes out of the pan! Another day, more practice! I have practiced (timed) about 8 times so far. We are all sick of cornbread at this point and have been giving it away to friends when I make it.

I think I am ready. My prep time is down to under 10 minutes. I have it all memorized, but I am bringing a note sheet so I don’t skip anything important. I am excited and super nervous. I am not looking forward to talking to the judges but I have been practicing nonetheless.

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