Trash Here, Trash There and Life in Between

We had a super fun service project with our 4-H club today. We went to Maderia Beach and helped to clean trash out of the sand dunes. We collected over 100 lbs of trash in an hour. We also did a citizen science project of microplastics! After class we went to Grandma Susie’s and went swimming. We ended up hunting bugs instead! We had some down time and family board games this week. The weekend wrapped up with a day down in Manatee County for 4-H working with Keep Manatee Beautiful to do a state park clean-up. Our group collected nearly 500lbs of trash! After the cleanup we enjoyed an educational hike around the park and learned about how they are trying to restore the park to a more natural state. They have a huge invasive and non-native plant issue. We also worked more on our bismuth block. We used the old grill burner to head the bismuth and tried to make crystals. We didnt have the best of luck but it was a lot of fun trying!

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