Poop, Bugs and Arrows

Mom drove B and I up to Gainesville for the 4-H State Traditional archery match. We went up the night before so we spent some time at the Florida Natural History Museum. We got to see the new traveling exhibit called “The Scoop on Poop”. It was all about animal scat! We looked at scat under a microscope to see what different animals produce. We played lots of interactive games. We explored fossilized poop. We raced dung beetles! Afterwards we wandered the main museum and enjoyed some of the newer exhibits. We all really liked the scientific magnetic poetry set. We made some funny poems! I was obsessed with this wall of lights. It too us about 20 minutes to get all the lights to red. People kept walking by and turning them! UGH! We ate lunch in the NATL and hunted bugs. Sadly we didn’t catch anything but we had a good time reviewing plants and trees for Forest Ecology. The archery tournament was on Saturday. I am really getting much better with my shooting. This is the first year there have been other kids in my bow class so I am enjoying having some competition! I got 4th place but was very happy. I probably would have shot better but I was having fun talking with old and new friends the entire time! 🙂

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