New Years Ever 2017

Today we had a free day from the HOP so we planned to go our and explore LA. Mom wanted to see the Hollywood sign but it was far too foggy. We ended up at a Farmers Market. We grabbed some hot cocoa and walked around. There was a lot of cool artwork. Now we are talking. New Year’s Eve Donuts! Everyone sipped their cocoa and nibbled on a few donuts before we headed over to the La Brea Tar Pits. It was quiet at the Tar Pits. We walked the ground before they opened and learned about the pits and what they have found in them. It doesnt look like much but they are still actively bubbling. There were little fissures in the grass and parking lots where new tar bubbles were coming up. It was really neat to see! They have scientists working day and and out on cleaning, sorting and labeling what is found in areas that they have excavated. We were impressed with the over 400 dire wolf skulls! Next we headed to Santa Monica Pier. The fog was really thick. We rode the carousel and then headed up the coast on PC1.

We stopped for some great fresh seafood at a place called the Reel Inn. Then drove up through Malibu and then cut through the hills on a bumpy curvy white knuckle drive back to Pasadena.

We are calling it an early night since we have to be on the bus around 4am for the Rose Parade.

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