More Rose HOP Activities

This morning we were off to the Equest Festival. We arrived early with the bus and got to explore the grounds before it got too crowded. We got a few family photos, played some games, won a pony and had some snacks. We took our nice group seats with our tushy cushies that we got with our tickets. We loved the horses and all the showmanship!  Of course the Clydesdales were our favorites as always! E liked the little ponies. The next day was Band fest. We watched many of the bands perform that will march in the parade on New Years Day. We were given mini Remo drums when we entered! How cool! After our morning at Band Fest we hopped on the bus with a box lunch from Panera and headed to the Ronald Reagan Library for the afternoon. When we arrived we thought we would miss our tour. The line to get in was INSANE! The bus driver waved his arms and managed to gain faster access. We were whisked up the road and off on our VIP tours. We got to see an actual section of the Berlin Wall. We walked the grounds and learned of its beauty. We saw lots of memorabilia including the suit Reagan was wearing when someone attempted to assassinate him. We learned that Nancy Reagan was smart and wonderful! She donned this amazing outfit to protest at a gala. Somehow they managed to squeeze Air Force One into the building! We saw jellybeans all over and learned of their reason. Also, ask me why there was always a cake on Air Force One! This photo isn’t that great bu sitting on the rock on the right is a golden eagle! This is the first one in the wild we have ever seen.

Tomorrow is a FREE day from the HOP.

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