More Joshua Tree National Park

We earned our Jr. Ranger badges for the park and took another oath. We spent he day with Grandma and Grandpa too. We drove the 4×4 road and got to climb on rocks all over the park. It was a super bumpy road and Grandpa drove it very well! Can you find me in the photo below!? I am a monkey and part goat Mom thinks! I bet you can see us now!?More spot the children games. It was so peaceful out not he road. No-one was out there. It was just the 5 of us and nature. You could hear the wind blow. It was awesome! Back to the main part of the park and to Barker’s Dam. We saw a few big horn sheep. Breighton’s filmed some Indian Jones type videos. Mom just took photos and climbed rocks. Mom did discover some canterberry bells tucked between some rocks. It was so strange to see such blue color in the winter. The park staff said it is very unusual to see them!  Grandma and Grandpa with a Joshua Tree. Well it is time to move on in the morning towards Pasadena, California. We cracked our Christmas crackers a bit late but enjoyed the crowns and silly prizes!

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