Joshua Tree national Park and Christmas

We saw lots of these funny road messages on the way from Tucson to Joshua Tree national Park.

Ho-Ho-Hold Down Your Speed

Santa’s Watching!I killed time by making the back all tidy and neat. Mom said I make too much of a mess when we are driving. This time I kept it neat. We arrived and headed into the park for some exploring with Dad. We loved the rocks. These ones looked like monkeys. We climbed and climbed and got stuck a few times. It took me a while to figure out how to get up there. I would a beautiful juniper tree tucked into the rocks. I made it my fort. The Joshua trees are amazing. They grow in really weird ways and look like little tufts of trees. Almost out of a Dr. Seuss book! Christmas came as usual. Amazing how Santa found us on the road. The elves toilet papered the tree, like normal. We didn’t have a big Christmas but we did get some really fun things. A few lego sets, arts and crafts and nerf guns!

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