December is far too busy…but FUN!

We have been busy studying for the 4-H Insectathon and wrapping up school until January after we return from our trip. I put together a demonstration and a poster on lifecycles of butterflies and different butterflies and host plants in Florida.

We played around with the new camera settings on Mom’s new phone. I really like the black and white filers.

Dad and I drove over to Disney and set up camp for the week Mom and B stayed back until late in the evening due to a 4-H Event. Dad and I took a long walk and enjoyed some treats over at the Wilderness Lodge.

Dad had to run home for work for a few days so we enjoyed the campfire without him. It was a small group oddly. We spend Sunday visiting all the different resorts and seeing the holiday decorations. We found a fee free pool table and Mom taught us the basics of how to play.

We loved finding the hidden Mickey’s in all of the amazing gingerbread displays.

Sometimes we get along and even smile.

We had a posse watching us play pool. We taught these kids how to play too. Heading into the Magic Kingdom for the evening. We have Seven Dwarf Mine Train fast passes for 7pm! Ugh! We never stay late int he parks. Everything was insanely crowded so we wrapped up and headed back to the campground for hot cocoa and fireworks from the beach. Dad got back in time for fireworks and was able to join us.

B dient want to swim so Mom took just me to the pool for a while. I did the dance a long but from the pool.
That night we went to Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. We had great seats and enjoyed our meal. I tried some new foods too. Mom got B to go dance with me for the kids only dance. I just loved the trick roper! He was amazing! The next morning I was not having it. I was tired and grumpy. B was oddly in a good pre-teen mood and tried to cheer me up.

We finally got to go on the Frozen ride. While we were waiting for our fastness window some vikings stile my sweater kitty. They tried to eat her. They tried to steal her! The viking offered to cut the cat up and share it with other people?I will have her back now please. Nope! the viking shoved her into his hip-sack with a mallet! Okay, enough! I was almost to tears and the viking gave up and offered to only eat the eyeballs of the cat. UGH!

Some time at Hollywood Studios for the Star Wars ride was enjoyed by all.

We left a day early and got unpacked and repacked for archery in Gainesville. We left the house at 5am.

I shot super well in the tournament.

Sadly I was the only kid in my bow class but my score was higher than all of the other kids in my bow class in the other age groups and 3rd for the bow type in general if compared to non sighted bows. I ended up with 1st place. Sunday we visited the plant sale at the Florida Botanical Gardens. I insisted we get a cactus garden. I just love cacti! Grandma Susie visited for a pre-Christmas since we won’t be here for the holidays. We finished up our insect collections and got everything labels and organized. We even had time for some caroling at Largo Park with our 4-H group. This is always such a fun event.

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