Gainesville Jumping Spiders and Museum

Mom drove B and I up to Gainesville for a trip to the Natural History Museum and to a cool photography class at the UF Entomology Jumping Spider Lab (Taylor Lab).  We spent the morning at the museum. They had a neat specialty exhibit on museum artifacts. Some were really cool.

There were also different scientists from the university rotating through each week and they had different stations set up. We learned about genetics and how to extract DNA from strawberries.

The new kids area is open and I found an incorrect item in the BEETLE collection! 🙂 haha

We walked the NATL (Natural Area Teaching Lab) when we ate lunch and then headed over to the entomology department.

Sam helped us get situated and showed us around the spider lab.

We learned skills and techniques from the main photography of the Natural History Museum. I really enjoyed setting up the habitats for backdrops. 

Here are some of my photos.

Oh yeah, at the end of the class they let us take home some of the non-jumping spider specimens.

My favorite was this shield bug. It was so beautiful! 
A photo B took of me! :) 

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