Insect Training and More

This weekend we went to Gainesville to University of Florida to learn about the new 4-H Insectahon program. I had a great time learning new skills. I even got to hold a tarantula. 

We got to tour the entomology department and learn about their urban pest management program. This room was full of cockroaches!

Another room was dedicated to mosquitoes.

Another to ants! EEK!

One room was full of a grad students project on bed bugs.

It was fun to meet the kids from Alachua County and learn along with them.

We even worked on a termite monitoring station project. I helped Dad mark so he could melt holes int he clipboards. Mom and B worked on another part of the project.

Sunday we spent in Venice at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We hiked around the lake and caught some bugs.

Then we spent the afternoon in the pool!

Monday was dentist day. My first trip to the adult dentist. I really enjoyed it and got to pick from the treasure box at the end.

Sadly I spent he evening and next day not feeling well. Mom figured at some point I was milking the sickness and brought in my schoolwork. Busted! I suddenly felt better and had no time for school.

I found this cool rock at the park!


Fun Week of Randomness

We have been painting and hiding #4HROCKS lately. We were hiding some at a park and I found a few new ones. We rehid everything for someone else to find.

Thunder got into some trouble this week. He has been very nibble lately. He goes through phases. This phase was all about the onion bag. But as soon as Mm emptied out the onions and give him the bag he didn’t want it!

We went and saw a pre show of The King and I at Countryside High School. We had several friends in the play. It was awesome!

Our 4H Club meeting was at the park and we enjoyed climbing trees and hiding and finding more rocks!

We had a huge painting party.

I just wanted to mix paints this time! But I did paint a few rocks.

Friday we went to a friends for a pool party. We all had a great time!

Except for my hair! It was so tangled it took both Mom and Dad almost 30 minutes to get all the tables out. I will remember to pull it back next time before swimming! Ugh!


Hoppy Easter 2017

The Easter bunny came and left some cool things this year. We got limited edition Charmader Build A Bears, lotto tickets, silly string and a lot of candy!

Grandma Susie came over for the day and we had fun dying eggs outback.

We had a lazy Easter filled with entirely too many desserts. We each made our own. I made a cake and B helped with another dessert. We enjoyed steak on the grill. We watched Sharknado 4! That sounds like a perfectly lazy Easter.



Natural Science Classes for FREE

We have been enjoying taking Ms. Libby’s Going Coastal classes at Weedon Island. This month the class was called Sharky Science. All about sharks! We arrived early and took a long walk on the trails looking at plants and critters.

Since it was a public school break day the group was rather large compared to our normal small group. We had some friends with us too so we just split off from the big group and worked against the crowds. We had fun learning about teeth, skin and adaptations of sharks. I enjoyed the measuring a shark activity a lot. It is neat to have a size comparison for different species.

On Saturday we took Grandma Susie with us to a class at Brooker Creek about Florida ferns. We learned a lot about ferns in the classroom and then took a long hike to discover the ferns of Brooker Creek.

The stuff in the water is called water spangles! I will never call it all duckweed again!

There were even hidden ferns that they had discovered recently to add to their species of Brooker Creek list. Its cool how ferns can pop up in new places.

As you can see we were the only kids, as usual! We really enjoyed the morning at the preserve. We love the classes they offer.