Fun Week of Randomness

We have been painting and hiding #4HROCKS lately. We were hiding some at a park and I found a few new ones. We rehid everything for someone else to find.

Thunder got into some trouble this week. He has been very nibble lately. He goes through phases. This phase was all about the onion bag. But as soon as Mm emptied out the onions and give him the bag he didn’t want it!

We went and saw a pre show of The King and I at Countryside High School. We had several friends in the play. It was awesome!

Our 4H Club meeting was at the park and we enjoyed climbing trees and hiding and finding more rocks!

We had a huge painting party.

I just wanted to mix paints this time! But I did paint a few rocks.

Friday we went to a friends for a pool party. We all had a great time!

Except for my hair! It was so tangled it took both Mom and Dad almost 30 minutes to get all the tables out. I will remember to pull it back next time before swimming! Ugh!


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