4-H Craziness and Random Little Things

We spent the day at Ochs Garden 4-H center for Drone Discovery. We love National Youth Science Day. This year we joined a county class instead of doing it just at our club level. It was a lot of fun and we got to meet a lot of other homeschooled 4H youth.


We have our new club shirts all tie-dyed! We all stand out well!



I did the projects on my own without Mom having to help. We made foam gliders and then practiced different ways to fold the wings and fly them.



Mom headed out in the morning for Georgia for a 4-H leadership conference. She got to play with snakes, take a long hike and learn about 4-H leadership.



I willingly went back to diving class. I loved going backwards into the pool. I am having good and bad moments as I adjust to this new activity.


We collected socks for a 4-H drive. B and I gathered 74 new pairs!


We also attended a 4-H Marine Ecology Clinic at Weedon Island. We played Marine Jeopardy, learned by exploring samples of fish and inverts. My favorite was the Jeopardy. I was really good at it!



We did a mock contest and then went outside and did some critter catching and dip netting in the water.


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