Back to Life

We started a diving program at Southwest Rec Center. I was excited to take the class but when I got to the pool I broke down and REFUSED to go off the board. After 45 min of negotiations I finally went off cannonball style. Then I hopped out of the water and raced up to the 3 meter and jumped off. The coach just shook his head and questioned his existence! I am a stubborn kid!


Back to school for us as well. I am basically doing mostly 5th grade work this year. I am enjoying the new Latin program and love learning new words. School is a lot harder this year and I am pushing back hard in true Emmerson style!


I love our new 4-H group. I am the treasurer this year and so excited that I can finally compete for colored ribbons.


We did fish printing at our club meeting. I loved this!




We gave log rolling a shot. This is something I want to do again but it is sadly over for the winter until the pool is warmer.



we are still diving until the air gets too cold.


As you can see, we have been quite busy!

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