Quarters and MORE 4-H

We were excited to get our National Park Quarters this weekend from Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie. We visited them at the Disney Campground and then they came over for dinner at Turkey Lake to visit us.  Grandma Jo gave us the next set of quarters and we had fun reading about the new parks.


Over the weekend we helped with the 4-H table at the St Petersburg Science Festival. We helped Mr. Sandy with the school days crowds.


I helped catch and return prop copters and helped keep things organized.


Also this week we had a 4-H meeting at PJs Oyster Bar in Indian Rocks Beach. We learned about their seafood and where it comes from a nd how it is prepared.


We got a kitchen tour and had a lovely field trip.


Oh we all call free fountain drinks… I picked WATER!


On the way home we stopped at Ward’s Seafood to look at some of the fish. We are working hard on our Marine Ecology Contest studying.


I ate calamari, this is two days in a row for me!




Turkey Lake Park and Orlando

We opted not to go to Key Largo but instead we booked a site at Turkey Lake Park in Orlando. It was a great county park. There were walking trails, disc golf course, a weird kids zoo and much more. We set up camp and headed to the Orlando Eye area. We have passes through January with our Legoland annual pass. It was a lot of fun to have Dad with us this time. We waited a very short wait and then headed up in the Eye!


I love looking at the digital maps and seeing what all is around me.



Next we visited the Sea Life Aquarium, also free with the pass. I am working hard at learning my fish species so I can do good at the Marine Ecology contest for 4-H coming up.


We met a wax Sheldon! We enjoy watching Big Bang Theory so this was a treat.


Dad had to work the next day so we left him at the campground. We enjoyed a day at Universal before the crowds get too big.


A day filled with Harry Potter, sugar and spell casting!



Of course there was Butter Beer Ice Cream!



In the afternoon we stopped in at Disney Springs to see the remodel and look at all the halloween decor.


It was a fun few days. We camp at Disney Fort Wilderness soon. We are looking forward to Halloween there!

4-H Craziness and Random Little Things

We spent the day at Ochs Garden 4-H center for Drone Discovery. We love National Youth Science Day. This year we joined a county class instead of doing it just at our club level. It was a lot of fun and we got to meet a lot of other homeschooled 4H youth.


We have our new club shirts all tie-dyed! We all stand out well!



I did the projects on my own without Mom having to help. We made foam gliders and then practiced different ways to fold the wings and fly them.



Mom headed out in the morning for Georgia for a 4-H leadership conference. She got to play with snakes, take a long hike and learn about 4-H leadership.



I willingly went back to diving class. I loved going backwards into the pool. I am having good and bad moments as I adjust to this new activity.


We collected socks for a 4-H drive. B and I gathered 74 new pairs!


We also attended a 4-H Marine Ecology Clinic at Weedon Island. We played Marine Jeopardy, learned by exploring samples of fish and inverts. My favorite was the Jeopardy. I was really good at it!



We did a mock contest and then went outside and did some critter catching and dip netting in the water.


Back to Life

We started a diving program at Southwest Rec Center. I was excited to take the class but when I got to the pool I broke down and REFUSED to go off the board. After 45 min of negotiations I finally went off cannonball style. Then I hopped out of the water and raced up to the 3 meter and jumped off. The coach just shook his head and questioned his existence! I am a stubborn kid!


Back to school for us as well. I am basically doing mostly 5th grade work this year. I am enjoying the new Latin program and love learning new words. School is a lot harder this year and I am pushing back hard in true Emmerson style!


I love our new 4-H group. I am the treasurer this year and so excited that I can finally compete for colored ribbons.


We did fish printing at our club meeting. I loved this!




We gave log rolling a shot. This is something I want to do again but it is sadly over for the winter until the pool is warmer.



we are still diving until the air gets too cold.


As you can see, we have been quite busy!