Fruit Picking-pa-looza

We had to get up really early today and Mom and Dad were hush hush about where we were going. We drove a little over an hour to the middle of nowhere cornfield land. We arrived at a u-pick fruit farm. We were all extremely excited to pick. We got our instructions and buckets and were out to pick raspberries first.


They were all so ripe and juicy! I have learned to eat a few new foods this trip. Raspberries are one of them. Although I won’t eat a lot, I will eat a few.


I really enjoyed seeking out the best berries to pick.


Mom and Dad got in on the picking as well.



Our bucket filled quickly with 4 people picking. I twas  LOT of raspberries.


Up next were the blueberries. This is a fruit that I will eat more than a few of. They have to be just right but I do enjoy them now.


Unlike the Florida blueberry plants these were packed full of yummy looking berries. You barely had to touch the plant and they fell off in your hand. I did manage to seek out only the largest berries.


We opted for a larger bucket for blueberries. We all picked into tiny containers and then Mom approved our pickings and dumped into the larger bucket.



Now that is a LOT of blueberries.


Finally, APPLES. We picked a bag of Paula Red apples. They are so sweet and tiny. I have taken to calling apples Crunchie and Munchies (from he movie The Black Cauldron). I LOVE APPLES!

Boy are these ones delicious. I ate two before we even got out of the parking lot and several more later in the day.





So 20lbs of apples, the large bucket of blueberries and the medium raspberry bucket we came to a total of $32 Canadian! That is roughly $25 US.

They also sold cider and honey. I picked out some honey comb. I really enjoy honey comb.

We have plans for yummy cobblers, pancakes, fresh fruit with homemade whip cream and more.

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