Quebec City (Con’t from previous)

We explored the Citadel of Quebec and the 5 point star fort. then we headed on foot through the city to Saint-Louis Fort and Chateaux. This was a very interesting site. First off, we could NOT find it! The map app indicated we were in the EXACT right place but NOTHING was there other than a boardwalk and some street performers.

Mom spotted a Parcs Canada employee and asked for help. Apparently the site was actually UNDER us! We were pointed towards the entrance and went down under the boardwalk. When the boardwalk was being constructed they found the remains of an old governors mansion. The site told about all the items that were excavated during the dig.




Finally, the entrance!


We joined a tour group that had already started. Oddly the most artifacts were found in the latrines! People would accidentally drop things in the latrines. There was a lot of pottery, spoons and odd things they recovered.


Part of the excavation.


More costumes. We opted not to dress up but rather hold them up. I picked the chef and B was a soldier.


We got to try digging in the latrines ourselves. E found two spoons and lots of pottery shards. B found a bone, pottery and a weird looking stone.


We learned bout the generals from the 1600-1800s and wrapped up our 3rd book of the day. A few more photos of Old Town before we move on.



Exhausted we hiked back across town to the car and headed for our 4th site of the day. The Cartier-Brebeuf National Historic Site. The site commemorates the period in 1535-1536 when Jacques Cartier and his shipmates wintered near the Iroquoian village of Stadacona.

It is really a large urban park with a lot of hidden jems.

We enjoyed campaign a tea made from Northern White Cedar. It was earthy tasting. We learned about the Iroquois First Nations and how they worked with the explorers of the time.


Model of Cartier’s ship.


Voyages to Canada


After 4 historic sites and many kilometers of walking we called it a day. We came back to the motorhome and went swimming. As we got in the pool it started to rain, and hasn’t stopped yet!




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