Forillon National Park in the Gaspe Peninsula

Yesterday we poked around at the campground and playground until before lunch. Dad worked while Mom did some chores. Then we continued our drive up the Gaspe Peninsula to Forillon National Park.

We arrived at the campsite and got set up and then explored the campgrounds a bit. We have a neat wooded site and spent a long time playing games in the trees.

After dinner we went to a program at the campground amphitheater on whales. The program was in French but we figured most of it out.

Today was a very long day exploring Forillon National Park. We started off hiking the La Chute Trail. La Chute is waterfall in French. The trail was beautiful.


We loved the waterfall that is coated with moss in the summer and winter. In the spring the water comes over so quickly you can’t see the moss. Where the red chair is located is about 3 feet deep of water in the spring with the snow melts.


We opted to cross some logs instead of taking the bridge. Mom took the bridge to be safe.




We visited the Interpretation Center and learned about the fishing industry in the 1700 and 1800s. The center had a nice trail called Prelude a Forillon. It was a short boardwalk but it had spectacular views of the cliffs and the Cap-des-Rosiers Lighthouse.



We next visited Cap Bon Ami to look for seals but didn’t see any. We instead saw a razorbill, related to a puffin, and spent time skipping stones.





We each found a special treasure but returned them to the beach before we left.


We saw the site where the Battle of the St. Lawrence took place in 1942-1944.



We saw the Cap-des-Rosiers Lighthouse from outside the fence. The next tour wasn’t for an hour. It is the tallest lighthouse in Canada.



We took a long road back and enjoyed driving through parts of the Appalachian Mountains. Our next stop brought us to Fort Peninsular. It was used during WWI. We explored the cannons and armaments.



We picked up Dad at the campground and visited Hymanns General Store to complete our Xplorers books and earn another dog tag.

That night we had a long campfire and enjoyed the cooler temperatures.


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