St. Barbe Ferry to Labrador/Red Bay

We started our morning with laundry and cleaning the motorhome while Dad worked in town. Then we drove to St. Barbe to a small campground to park for the night. Tomorrow we take the ferry to Labrador.

Mom found some wifi but not good enough to add photos to the blogs. We are hoping to get things caught up soon.

We took the Apollo ferry first thing this morning. It is quite small compared to the last ferry. We opted not to tow the car so Mom drove that and Dad drove the motorhome on the ferry. We raced up top to find some seats. We found a table near a window up front and settled in for the 1.5 hour crossing. It was a relatively calm trip. The ship is much more run down but it was tolerable.


Waiting for the call to exit the ship.


We arrived safely in Quebec just a few kilometers from Labrador. We proceeded down the rainy, bumpy road to Pinware Provincial Park. We found our site, a nice pull through on the water, and parked. We planned to come back later and set up camp. The black flies were pretty bad as well.

We drove out to Red Bay and picked up XPlorer books and started those and watched a video on the site. This is the site of the Basque whalers. They would cook down whale blubber to separate the oils to barrel up and ship back to England for use as lamp oil.

We saw some of the reconstructed ships from the remains they found berries int he waters nearby.


We learned about the bones in whale flippers and how they are similar in structure tour hands.


We hauled logs from the water int he rain while swatting away black flies.

We kept our visit short since it was rainy and planned to come back tomorrow.


We visited the Point Amore lighthouse. It was an impressive lighthouse! There were heritage centers set up and you could learn about the lighthouse and history.


We drove around town scouting out wifi and cell service (very minimal) for Dad for work. We found a hotel that offered wifi and the cell service was in the tolerable range with good service just a skip up the hill. Due to the black flies, lack of wifi and cell service and seclusion we opted to treat ourselves to a hotel room for our time here.

The hotel is small and we got one of the last 2 rooms. We kids spent our time watching TV! TV! TV! We haven’t seen TV in over a month and that was minimal then.

Dad ended up sleeping in the motorhome in the parking lot because the bed wasn’t comfy for him but Mom and we kids spread out and enjoyed the space and LONG HOT SHOWERS! And TV!


TV coma!





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