Port au Choix

Today we drove towards St. Anthony, Newfoundland. We stopped at Port au Choix on the way. Port au Choix is a site that has been land to many paleoarchiac indians. The paleoeskimos passed through the land in their nomadic lifestyle hunting for whales and seals. The dorset culture was after and set up larger group sites. Their housing was quite large and well built. They also hunter whales and seals and found these animals sacred. The orca or killer whale was their highest praised whale.


We worked on our Xplorer book and earned our dog tags. We had to hop on one foot like an owl and crawl like a seal. These movements were training for children learning to hunt.

We also tried partridgeberry jam. It was bitter like a cranberry yet sweet.


We saw an example of the Dorset buildings.


We explored a few trails and dodged lots of raindrops and chilly wind.




I was fascinated by the orca sculptures. It is even their logo on the entrance.


We later arrived at the Pistolet Bay Provincial Park and set up the motorhome. No hookups for the next few days and no cell signal at all or wifi!

We drove over to L’anse aux Meadows and saw our first moose of the trip (mom and baby) and then we checked out the town on St. Anthony in the evening.


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