Cape Breton Highlands Canada Day – (7/1) 

Today is Canada Day. It is similar to the 4th of July in the USA. It celebrates their independence as a country. There are lots of little celebrations around the area, including the campground. To pass the time until the celebration we decided to try our hands at geo-caching. We were able to borrow a very unreliable GPS handheld unit from the front desk.




We started out very well and found the first three clues with no issues. It was fun to learn to navigate with a GPS. We would find boxes with the next clue and move on. The 4th clue proved to be a hassle. The GPS unit suddenly lost its accuracy (accurate to 30+ feet vs the accurate to 2 feet from before). We got all twisted about and finally realized what was going on. We opted to call it quits and went to turn it in. The people at the desk were nice enough to tell us where the 4th box was but we still never found it. We climbed all through the woods with no luck. We went to turn in the unit and they gave us a special prize for all the effort we put into it.

We had a quick lunch, cleaned up the motorhome for Dad’s arrival and headed to the Canada Day celebration in the campground. The quiet campground was all a buzz with hundreds of people celebrating. The campground access roads were closed as that is were the celebration was held.


We played bean bag toss, a fishing game, learned about kites and listened to some music. Soon there was traditional dancing which was really fun to watch.

We had a great time celebrating Canada Day and even got free cupcakes!

We headed 2.5hours to Sydney to pick up Dad at the airport. We are glad to have Dad back.

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