Cape Breton Highlands National Park – Cheticamp (6/30)

Mom bravely drove the motorhome through the rain and narrow winding roads along the Cabot Trail to our next stop, Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Nova Scotia. We spend 3 nights at each side of the park. We arrived at the campground and took some more twisty roads to get to the campsite.

Once we got the campsite set up we headed out on the Cabot Trail to explore. We opted to drive north on the trail and see where it took us. We picked up our XPlorer books at the visitors center and were off.

Our first stop was on a long rocky beach. We braved the drizzling rain and went down nd skipped stones and hunted for treasures on the beach. The little storefront was just sitting on top of us making it foggy and very dreary.





We drove along and hiked park of Skyline Trail. The views were spectacular! we learned about exclosures and how they are experimenting to see what would happen if the larger animals like coyote and moose weren’t in the forest. It was cool to walk through the largest of the exclosures.




This is a larch tree. I loved it!


We saw ample moose evidence but never a moose.


Up next was our favorite trail, the Bog Trail. There are carnivorous plants all along the boardwalk in the bog. We greatly loved the pitcher plants and the sundew.

We ended the day at Lone Shieling and hiked in a mature sugar maple forest. We had a hard time doing the bark rubbing but managed it after we found an older golf pencil in Mom’s bag.



The trail was pretty and we saw several woodpeckers and a few other birds we hadn’t seen before.

There were even little tiny fish in the river.


We finished up enough activities in our books to go get our badges when we got back to the campground.

Tomorrow we go to the airport and get Dad!

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