Portland Area Fun and Lobster

Mom and Dad really enjoyed these neat chairs at the campground that are made from lobster traps. Someone was really creative. There are also fun house mirrors on the patio and I enjoyed seeing myself in funny sizes.


Today was Dad’s birthday and we spent it exploring the city of Portland, Maine. We walked part of the Eastern Prom (Promenade).


We visited the Portland Observatory and learned about how it was a business venture and helped shipping companies know when their ships came in. The tower survived 209 years and many disasters.


I showed off my knot making skills. I think I may want to learn more knows in a 4-H book this year!


The view from the top was fantastic. You could see for miles! The weather was 70F and really clear.

IMG_9281 IMG_9283

What a beautiful day!


We visited the International Cryptozoology Museum. B was more into it than me but I still enjoyed seeing some of the evidence and displays. I liked the display about the skunk ape, it is a cryptid from Florida.


I really wish jackalope existed!

IMG_9296 IMG_9297

This thing was really cool. I had never heard of a two legged lizard!


We wrapped up in Portland at the Portland Head Lighthouse. It is the 2nd oldest still working lighthouse in the USA. It blinks every 4 seconds. Did you know that every lighthouse has a unique pattern to let people know which one it is?


We looked out in the water and saw cormorants diving for food. Then we spotted a HUGE seal on an exposed rock.

IMG_9306 IMG_9309

The lighthouse was under construction so we couldn’t really see it.


We had lobster  for dinner and called it an early night. I did get all caught up on my journal.

Today we had a lazy day that included a trip to the walk-in clinic. I have been coughing and snotty for a few weeks and Mom was worried we would get into Canada and I would get worse. We did laundry and just lazed about the rest of the day. There was more lobster tonight (from Grandma and Grandpa as birthday gifts for all) making it 3 days in a row. Tonight’s I stayed inside and didn’t help clean because I was cold. It is 55F outside and the sun is still up. Mom was afraid I would turn into a popsicle! I do like watching the lobster delivery truck!


We had a great time here in the Kennebunkport (Arundle) Area.

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