Kennebunkport Fun and Exploring

Today we explored the area on Kennebunkport and Wells. We found a cool place called the Well’s Estuarine Research Reserve. Sadly, the labs were closed but we checked out the cool library with all books on coastal ecology.  We hiked a trail and both start to fuss. Mom said it would be worth it. Apparently she does her research!


End of the trail. Wait? BEACH?


B and I were off like rockets to explore the rocks and tide pools.


I was very careful to keep my shoes dry. I hopped rocks until I got to the center of the big tide pool and was playing with snails, seaweed and some other critters.


Eventually we gave up and got out feet wet. Don’t worry, Mom cleaned the shoes when we got back and set them out to dry.

IMG_9252 IMG_9258

I found lots of these critters swimming about. We are going to look them up. B things they are some sort of baby nudibranch but we are not completely sure. They certainly looked like sea slugs to me.


We had lobster-pa-looza rounds 2 tonight. I loved helping to crack everything open but didn’t want to eat any of it. After dinner we went for a walk in downtown Kennebunkport and Dock Square. We saw this funny sign.


We drove by this area earlier and all the boats were in mud. I am starting to see the tides are much different here than back home! Not to mention the sun rises at 4:58am! It sets around 8:10.

IMG_9265 IMG_9266

Our final stop for the evening was a buzz down Ocean Ave to catch a glimpse of the Bush compound. It is called Walker Point.


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