Franconia Notch State Park in New Hampshire

We arrived at Franconia Notch State Park around lunch. We quickly set up the campsite and headed out to explore the area. We found a nice viewing area on an old bridge. You could see for miles!



Then we headed to Cannon Mountain to the Tramway and took it up and down the mountain. They said at capacity they are taking 80 people up at a time! This is the first passenger ski lift in the world. Well, the cars and cables were replaced in the 1980s but it was this location.


The ride up was a lot of fun. The wind was really blowing and the window was open. We loved sticking our heads out and looking for bears. Apparently there are black bears in the slopes sometimes that like to eat dandelions.


We were shocked to see snow on the ground still.


At the top we hiked the Rim trail and climbed up the observation tower.



The view at the tippy top was amazing!


B and I were fighting all day and drove Mom and Dad bonkers! We finally allowed one nice picture but them B was testing me again.


The campground had a cool hill behind the site and we had a good time running up and down and playing adventure games.


There are only 7 campsites off a larger parking lot. The staff as super nice. If you are ever in the area look into staying at Cannon Mountain RV Park at Franconia Notch State Park.


We had a nice campfire in the cool wind and called it a night.




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