Visiting the NSA?

We went over to the NSA! Well, really we went to the National Cryptologic Museum. We learned all about secret codes and how they were used to communicate during wars. IMG_8739

We even saw a piece of the Pentagon Building from 9/11.IMG_8741

We stared at the Rosetta Stone model for a long time.


This old 77,000 GB tape storage machine was amazing! I loved watching the arm move the tapes around.


Some of the machines used to code were neat.


Back looking at the large tape machine. I just couldn’t get enough!


We got to use an Enigma machines to try to code our own names. I forgot to write down the initial setting on my code and I had to start all over.


After the museum we needed outdoor time. Mom started to google and found that we were;t that far from the Patuxent Research Refuge. This is the research center that is pivotal in helping bring back the whooping crane population.

IMG_8753 IMG_8754

We got to dance with interactive whooping cranes. We learned about the programs they have to support the birds. This year so far they have 30 hatchlings! YAY!


We got to use binoculars to look out on the lake at the migrating birds. It was mostly Canadian Geese.


Me as a whopping crane!


Me in a bald eagle nest. They are really big birds!


We had a great day exploring. We stopped for groceries and then came home and cleaned the motorhome. Tomorrow we hope to get in the pool as it should be warmer out.


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