Rock Creek Park

Today we visited Rock Creek Park by car. It was another drizzly day here in DC. The Nature Center at the park was awesome. I loved seeing all the mounted birds and other animals. I really enjoyed the indigo bunting.


We worked really hard on Jr. Ranger books since the weather was so icky. We earned the badge for Rock Creek Park and also the National Parks Night Sky badge.


Then we headed south in the park to Peirce House. It was an old mill. We got to learn how the mill worked. Sad;y they only have it active twice a month on Saturdays. We missed it by a week.


After the mill we walked back to the car and drove to the Old Stone House.


This is inside the Old Stone House. We learned that this building is where Washington and L’EnFant planned out the area we know as District of Columbia today. We got to play with some cool classic toys.


Due to a slip up we had to drive back to the Nature Center to get our badges for the Centennial Book and the 50th Historical Book. There are so many badges and patches to earn in this area we would need weeks or months. We did fairly well so far!


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