RIP Sneaky Pie

It is very hard to say goodbye to a cat I have loved my entire life. Sneaky Pie is about 18 years old. She is a sweet old lady but has been failing lately. She was diagnosed with Pancreatitis. She is dehydrated even with receiving fluids at the vet several times. She isn’t drinking water, using her cat bed as a litter box and has started to refuse food. We have been spending lots of snuggles with her but sadly she did not recover.

IMG_7546  IMG_7577

RIP Sweet Sneaky Pie you will be missed in the house.


Universal and Disney Get Away

We spent a few days over in Orlando. On Monday we met friends at Universal Studios. We had a blast playing in the Camp Jurassic area. Chasing each other with wands, casting spells, drinking butter beer and so much more.



I am so happy to have finally made a good friend that is my age!


I got a cool necklace made on this classic DaVinci metal press.




My buddy and I explored the Olive Oil playground while everyone else went on the Popeye ride. I didn’t want to get wet. My friend told me there was a character in the mirror. We sat and watched until it eventually appeared.

IMG_7633 IMG_7635

Having fun! All of these friends will be in our new 4-H club next year.

IMG_7665 IMG_7668

I loved spinning!


We hit the water park the next day and wore ourselves out. We had a late lunch of grilled cheese at Tom and Chee in Orlando. I loved it! IMG_7716

They even had grilled donut s’mores!


Mom had grilled bananas with gouda cheese! Weird!


We ended the night with a Star Wars themed evening at Hollywood Studios. We rode Star Tours 4 times, saw a stage show, went to the prop section. It was a fun night.

IMG_7725 IMG_7728

Our final day we started at EPCOT and ended at Magic Kingdom. I loved standing while riding the monorail.


The butterflies were awesome this year!


We had spaghetti at Via Napoli.


I still enjoy the trains.


I really fell in love with Simba!

IMG_7763 IMG_7767 IMG_7769

And this, my friends, is PenPen. PenPen is my penny. I have carried him all over, had long conversations and even had a few photo ops with him. I am not weird at all! 🙂



Dog Gone Reading Fun #2

I have been asking when we were going back to read to Bella! I had a huge choice to make about which book to read. I finally settled on a Puppy Place book.


Bella has been doing great. She has had 8 radiation treatments and is getting along great on three legs. She settled right down with me and waited for me to start reading.


Mom sat near and held the book while I read to and pet Bella.


Snuggly puppy.


Universal Studios

We spent the weekend at Universal Studios. We were so excited to visit the Harry Potter area. It was amazing. It was like walking into the book or movie!


We got in a short line for something. It turned out to be Olivander’s Wand Shop. We got picked for the wand ceremony. I had to cast a spell to make flowers grow and they wilted.

IMG_7312 IMG_7315

I tried butter beer and LOVED it.


I even braved the two big Harry Potter rides. Likely I won’t ride them again but I did them!


We were up super early the next day and had pancakes in the hotel room.


We got to the park early for the special hotel guest entry. We were picked to be the family of the day. They gave us badges that said “Opening Family 2016” which caused quite a few belly laughs. We got to open the park for the day and then head off to explore. Grandma and Grandpa were able to come over and join our experience.

I loved the Hogwarts Express.


IMG_7337 IMG_7340

The Jurassic Park area was amazing. I loved all the dinosaurs.

IMG_7344 IMG_7345

We spent a lot of time casting spells.


I love my new wand and all the magic I can do with it.


We had to wait in line a few times since the passes didn’t allow fast pass lines on the Harry Potter rides.


More Hogwarts Express!

IMG_7370 IMG_7378 IMG_7379

I even grew up a little! I rode the Hippogryph all by myself. I even waited in the long line. I got the front row to myself. It was EPIC!


We did a line walkthrough of Forbidden Journey. It was so cool to take our time and enjoy all the little touches they have added to make it so amazing.


We played not he Night Bus.


We saw JAWS!

IMG_7410 IMG_7418

I was so excited to come home and try on my new robes. I am Slytherin all the way, a mini Draco Malfoy if you will. IMG_7439

A photo of me scared out of my mind!


A much happier me blasting aliens on Men in Black!


Stuffed Animals and Computer Class

Mom helped me clean my room and I wanted to swap out some stuffed animals. B and I dumped out all the bags of animals in his room and then played in them.


We picked out new animals to have in our beds.


Then we played ET and hid in the animals.


We even had fun playing with Dad’s old stuffed animal, Hot Lips!


In the afternoon we went to the library for a Maker Boot Camp class on editing in iMovie. I had a great time learning how to use the software and inserting audio and transitions.


I wasn’t used to the mouse but figured it out quickly. My finished video will debut at MakerFest on May 7th.