Universal and Disney Get Away

We spent a few days over in Orlando. On Monday we met friends at Universal Studios. We had a blast playing in the Camp Jurassic area. Chasing each other with wands, casting spells, drinking butter beer and so much more.



I am so happy to have finally made a good friend that is my age!


I got a cool necklace made on this classic DaVinci metal press.




My buddy and I explored the Olive Oil playground while everyone else went on the Popeye ride. I didn’t want to get wet. My friend told me there was a character in the mirror. We sat and watched until it eventually appeared.

IMG_7633 IMG_7635

Having fun! All of these friends will be in our new 4-H club next year.

IMG_7665 IMG_7668

I loved spinning!


We hit the water park the next day and wore ourselves out. We had a late lunch of grilled cheese at Tom and Chee in Orlando. I loved it! IMG_7716

They even had grilled donut s’mores!


Mom had grilled bananas with gouda cheese! Weird!


We ended the night with a Star Wars themed evening at Hollywood Studios. We rode Star Tours 4 times, saw a stage show, went to the prop section. It was a fun night.

IMG_7725 IMG_7728

Our final day we started at EPCOT and ended at Magic Kingdom. I loved standing while riding the monorail.


The butterflies were awesome this year!


We had spaghetti at Via Napoli.


I still enjoy the trains.


I really fell in love with Simba!

IMG_7763 IMG_7767 IMG_7769

And this, my friends, is PenPen. PenPen is my penny. I have carried him all over, had long conversations and even had a few photo ops with him. I am not weird at all! 🙂



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