FMCA Family Reunion in Perry, GA

We are new to the FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) ever since we bought Luna in November. Dad signed Mom up for a RV driving school to help her get more comfy on the road. We headed from the caverns to Perry, Georgia for the 3 day class and then stayed around for the Family Reunion Rally. It was a fantastic week! We learned a lot, met a lot of nice people (and dogs!) and made some amazing memories.

When we arrived we set up what we thought to be our temporary campsite. It turned out they let us stay where we were and we had full hookups the entire week. That was so nice! We didn’t have to go to the horse barn to shower!

We made some new friends the first day and spent a lot of time outside running around and playing. We did play some video games but after a oopsie that sucked down our data plan, we were booted from the wifi! Sorry dad!


We explored all over on our scooters and on foot. The pear trees were in full bloom and smelled oddly like fish!


We took one of our new friends to the theater to see Zootopia on one of the down days.


I lost my name badge the first day and then someone found it. So now I have TWO!


Mom signed us up to make these cool wind spinners.


We did some school work in the slow mornings.


More scootering. Mom said she is convinced we put over 100 miles on our scooters this week!


We decorated our scooters and participated in a St. Pattys day contest.


I loved visiting the giant 4H clover. I thought it made a great St. Patrick’s Day photo.


IMG_6474 IMG_6476

We ended up winning honorable mention and each got $20!

We tried to bride the judges with candy! We passed out chocolate coins and gold foil wrapped dinner mints.


My favorite event was the fire safety demos. I learned a lot and think everyone should take a class on RV fire safety and how to use fire extinguishers.

IMG_6511 IMG_6516 IMG_6531 IMG_6548

After the class was over I came out and found a “sheldon” on my scooter!! You can trade the Sheldon in for FMCA cash to spend at the store. I didn’t care about the store. I wanted to keep Sheldon!! So I did! Mom happened to find another on an evening walk with Dad and gave it to B. B kept his too!


There was a fun scavenger hunt. We found all the clues, before we know there were directions to find them!


We went to Go Fish at the fairgrounds, not part of the event.

We learned about fish hatcheries in Georgia, game fishing and watersheds.


I tried reeling in a large mouth bass and it was very hard. We made dad try to reel in a swordfish! I thought it was going to pull him right out of the chair!



We saw the lifecycle of fish. They had tubes full of fish eggs, small tanks full of fish fry, larger runways full of bigger fish. They use the fish to stock ponds, lakes and rivers to keep fish quantities in control.


We even got to go fishing out behind the building.


I caught about 5 fish and then it started to rain. IMG_6595

We headed inside for fun at the shooting gallery.


The next day was packed with seminars for Mom on Alaska and Canada. Dad took us to do our craft. It took several hours to complete but we were really happy with our new spinners.


We attended a follow-up fire safety class about escaping your motorhome in a fire. We learned all about causes of fires and how you need to have an escape plan for everyplace a fire could start.


We had to climb out the back window of this RV as a test. I was the smallest so easily made it out. Some of the adults struggled with mobility and it was scary that if that had been a real fire they likely wouldn’t have made it out alive.



I am glad I learned about this.


The rally was awesome. Looking forward to a few weeks at home and then another adventure!

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