December was a busy month…

I am always watching over Breighton’s shoulder during his science classes.

Mom thinks I am a goof. During spelling lesson I was supposed to write “PERSON” I wrote “HOMO SAPIEN”!

We had a fun cookie decorating party at 4-H and sang carols around the park.

I made a new friend on a leash. The fuzzy dog walked around with me for a while and then we couldn’t find the owner when I was done walking the dog. Eventually we found the owner but Mom was a bit nervous!

We visited a Night in Bethlehem and heard the story of Mary and Jesus.

We made a few trips over to Legoland before our passes expired.

I got a terrible stomach flu that lasted for almost 10 days! I was down for a while. My tummy just hated me!

I am having fun shooting archery for 4-H and with Breighton. 

I felt better just in time for holiday cookie baking!

My invention was chocolate cookies with caramel in the middle. They were yummy!

We earned how to sew over break and made some stuffed animals from kits

Uncle Matt sent us new rocks! They were awesome and we had a lot of fun identifying them and then adding them to out growing collections.




Disney Cruise

Mom and Dad surprised us with another Disney cruise. We had an amazing trip! 

Sail away party fun! 

Mom managed to break basketball.

I learned how to clean stone crab. Another shellfish I will happily clean but not eat.

Pretending to be exhausted!

B and I learned how to make fun pipe cleaned crafts. We spent a lot of time making crafts this cruise! 

I enjoyed the dance party and magic shows.

Mom got to ride in the elevator with Stitch!

We went and saw a cool Christmas show in the atrium. I loved all the snow! 

I loved the mirror in the elevator even more!

What a big ship!

Goofy children!

We had a tour in Tortolla and I thought we would all die! The roads were very narrow for two way traffic.

What an amazing view!

We hiked in Sage Mountain  National Park. 

It was slightly muddy but a really fun hike.

We wrapped up with some playing int he water while the adults had adult beverages along the beach.

In St Thomas we visited a marine park. I didn’t like how they treated their turtles. Their enclosures were very small.


I got to feed the birds. It started off fun. Then they got a little aggressive. 

The look on concern set in.


I managed to pass the nectar off to Mom and they flew to her. Their nails were sharp.

Next was the sky ride and then the butterfly gardens.

We waved goodbye to St. Thomas.

Our server, Joel. 

Towel folding was awesome!

Waiting patiently for a magic show. I wanted to go to all the shows I could! 

Holding down the dance floor on my own. 

On Disney’s island Mom and I went to snorkel with and feed the stingrays. I was SO happy! 

I actually fed them this time. I loved feeling the pregnant rays. It was neat to feel the moving jelly like sacs in them. 

Lunch was bread and corn! Lots of CORN!

I danced while Mom finished eating.

I got super cold and wanted to change. We wandered back slowly and warmed up in the sun.

I swam for a long time when we got back on the ship.

This was the emptiest the hotter ever was so I enjoyed my time.

I had a great vacation. I even would check in and out of the club myself this time! I also spent a lot of open house time in Bs club.




Fun with Family

We checked out the Safety harbor Farmers and Craft Market this weekend. I fell in love with a cool drum made from an old propane tank. I plan to save my money until I can buy it or ask for it for Christmas!

Enjoying Thai food 🙂

I have been helping B with his FLVS class labs since he needs a partner.

Showing off my amazing surfing skills…




Thanksgiving Break

We spent Sunday decorating the outside of the house and then the evening putting up the tree. Mom did all the branches (with the cats help of course!) and put on all the lights. Then B and I added all the ornaments.



We talked a bout some of the memories and ornaments as we put them on the tree. Mom was impressed with my memory of details about making some ornaments and where we got others.

img_5501 img_5508

All done and looking for the pickle ornament! I was bound and determined to be the first to find it. It was hidden really well this year.


I found it! Then I got to hide it for B to find! 🙂


I spent Monday through Wednesday at Practically Pikkasso at art camp. I had a blast painting mugs, plates, canvas and many other surprises Mom and Dad don’t know about yet!

This was my favorite. It is “Sharktopus”! He is from a movie I saw. I think my teacher thought I was NUTS! All the other kids were painting tress and holiday themes for their Santa cookie plates. I made… SHARKTOPUS!


Our evenings were spent with quiet games and toys. I love building with the plank blocks.


Thursday, Thanksgiving, Dad had some motorhome chores so Mom took us to Safety Harbor to do out first ever 5K! It was called the Gobble Wobble! It was a lot of fun but got hot quickly.


We made it to the turnaround point!


It was a good turnout for a free event with no medals! A lot of people were over at the Turkey Trot in Clearwater. This was more low key and we had a great time. We even stopped along the way to watch the mangrove crabs climbing on the bridges.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!