December was a busy month…

I am always watching over Breighton’s shoulder during his science classes.

Mom thinks I am a goof. During spelling lesson I was supposed to write “PERSON” I wrote “HOMO SAPIEN”!

We had a fun cookie decorating party at 4-H and sang carols around the park.

I made a new friend on a leash. The fuzzy dog walked around with me for a while and then we couldn’t find the owner when I was done walking the dog. Eventually we found the owner but Mom was a bit nervous!

We visited a Night in Bethlehem and heard the story of Mary and Jesus.

We made a few trips over to Legoland before our passes expired.

I got a terrible stomach flu that lasted for almost 10 days! I was down for a while. My tummy just hated me!

I am having fun shooting archery for 4-H and with Breighton. 

I felt better just in time for holiday cookie baking!

My invention was chocolate cookies with caramel in the middle. They were yummy!

We earned how to sew over break and made some stuffed animals from kits

Uncle Matt sent us new rocks! They were awesome and we had a lot of fun identifying them and then adding them to out growing collections.




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