Thanksgiving Break

We spent Sunday decorating the outside of the house and then the evening putting up the tree. Mom did all the branches (with the cats help of course!) and put on all the lights. Then B and I added all the ornaments.



We talked a bout some of the memories and ornaments as we put them on the tree. Mom was impressed with my memory of details about making some ornaments and where we got others.

img_5501 img_5508

All done and looking for the pickle ornament! I was bound and determined to be the first to find it. It was hidden really well this year.


I found it! Then I got to hide it for B to find! 🙂


I spent Monday through Wednesday at Practically Pikkasso at art camp. I had a blast painting mugs, plates, canvas and many other surprises Mom and Dad don’t know about yet!

This was my favorite. It is “Sharktopus”! He is from a movie I saw. I think my teacher thought I was NUTS! All the other kids were painting tress and holiday themes for their Santa cookie plates. I made… SHARKTOPUS!


Our evenings were spent with quiet games and toys. I love building with the plank blocks.


Thursday, Thanksgiving, Dad had some motorhome chores so Mom took us to Safety Harbor to do out first ever 5K! It was called the Gobble Wobble! It was a lot of fun but got hot quickly.


We made it to the turnaround point!


It was a good turnout for a free event with no medals! A lot of people were over at the Turkey Trot in Clearwater. This was more low key and we had a great time. We even stopped along the way to watch the mangrove crabs climbing on the bridges.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


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