Fun with Grandparents

Mom and Dad drove up to Indiana to pick up the motorhome so we got to spend some time with Grandma Susie to start the week. We went to the park, did a Lowe’s building project and had fun playing around the house.

IMG_3765 IMG_3767

We had stopped by Target to pick some things up and I saw new Ninja Turtle figures. But no-one would let me buy them and I didn’t understand that! I was so upset. B texted Mom and asked what to do. Since apparently he had already found them and gotten them for me for Christmas.


The solution was to do by the house and have Grandma get them from the gift bin. They weren’t wrapped yet.


Next we were off to Venice to visit with Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie. We went to Caspercian Beach to look for sharks teeth. We visited the Mote Aquarium. We spent a LOT of time in the pool wearing ourselves out. We made out halloween houses we didn’t make since we were on the cruise for Halloween. IMG_3815 IMG_3818

We are driving to Asheville tomorrow and meeting up with Mom and Dad.


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