Another Week Flew By

We had a very busy week prepping for our trips and cramming in some fun activities.

B and I went to a science class at the library. We knew most of the information but I had a fun time since they kept picking me as a volunteer.


We worked on cleaning the house up a bit but I found reading while laying on the yoga ball a better solution to cleaning.


I am still loving my new gymnastics class. I have a few friends in class now and talk and interact with people.

IMG_3666 IMG_3676

While the loud of boxes to go north for the motorhome pickup grew I played with my Jenga blocks and made silly towers.


We scored some of the new Ninja Turtle figures.


We visited the Pinellas Country Fair for 4H.

We enjoyed the pig races.


We played a few games and decided that fair games are a rip off.


We volunteered at the 4H booth for a while. We took turns having kids play games and teaching people about 4H.


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