Moccasin Lake Nature Park


Sunday mornings we are usually up and out doing something as a family lately. The weather turned for the cooler for a few days so we opted for a morning hike at the park. The trails were closed in some parts due to a collapse along the boardwalk from all of the rain a month ago.  We pointed out all of the fauna and flora that we knew. I am getting to be quite the plant expert. We even quizzed dad and taught him tips to identify different palmettos, mangroves and more.


After our hike we wandered the honey bee festival. I enjoyed seeing all the animals. Then I saw it out of the corner of my eye…



I need new honey as my bear is almost empty. I am a honey connoisseur. I sampled the varieties that they had and picked a fall and a summer honey. They have more of a kick because of the brazillian pepper! Who knew!


So nowI can have my PB and honey sandwiches. IMG_2718

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