Keen Sense of Smell

From Mom & Dad:

Tonight E was tucked into bed after a rough day of digging his heals in during a writing assignment, which after he finally started around 6:30pm and was done in 15 minutes. He ate dinner and had a little iPad time and was tuckered.

True to form, E emerged from the room 15 minutes later after tuck-in looking for whatever he was missing, but didn’t know what. He spied David eating a few M&Ms, gave a sad face and eventually walked away. A few minutes later we spy a arm reaching around the corner of the hallway wall. He came around the corner and said, “I can smell the M&Ms in my room and they are making me hungry.”

I told him there was no way he could smell the M&Ms at the other end of the house.

E responded, “I have a VERY keen sense of smell! How can I go to sleep when I SMELL M&Ms?”

I held back the laughter (David couldn’t speak he was near laughter explosion) and guided him back to his room. He didn’t get the M&Ms.

So, in case you need to find that funky smell, sniff out drugs or find the foxes trail in the woods you can borrow him for the day.

He has been an emotional roller coaster lately!

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