Breighton Free Week

Since B was at 4H camp Ocala this week I got a fun week of Mom activities. Grandma Susie spent one day with us helping paint and then we went to lunch.


She joined us for paint your own pottery at Art From the Heart Cafe in Dunedin. I picked a T.Rex to paint.


I had a very deliberate painting idea and it took me over an hour to paint.

IMG_1163 IMG_1164

I can’t wait to pick it up next week!


Mom made B a light-switch plate cover.


The next day Mom and I went bowling. I like the bumpers! I was bowling at a billion miles per hour. We finished 2 games in less than a half hour!

IMG_1174 IMG_1177

I was moving so fast Mom couldn’t get a photo of me! I have been bouncy all week.


We went to the Dollar Tree to look for garden decorations and stopped at Home Goods. Home Goods had a giant mirrored elephant! I SO badly wanted it! But it was $3000!


I opted to pick out a new bed for Sneaky Pie for behind Dad’s chair in the living room.


We did lots of arts and crafts projects. This is a paint and build a wind chime kit. It was a lot of fun.


We had a short visit to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. It was insanely crowded.


I liked the educational center because it was empty. Just me and some shells!



I was hot and hungry so we headed to the beach to the Palm Pavilion to use a gift certificate we had won at baseball last year. I was cranky. I didn’t like anything on the menus. ANGRY + HUNGRY= HANGRY!


Finally I decided on a grilled cheese and a HUGE cup of water (ordered just that way). I perked up as I sipped.


I had fun watching the para-sailers and all the people on the beach.


I even got peanut butter pie for dessert.


We came home to cool off and made a paper airplane launcher (from a kit) and then folded airplanes and launched them all afternoon. I made a few other projects that were in the cabinet.


We had a mini family game night. I won at Jenga!


I begged to learn how to wood burn. We stopped at the craft store about bought some inexpensive wood for $1! I started on the back to get the hand of it.

IMG_1245 IMG_1247

Because every 7 year old needs the Deathly Hallows wood burned on a plaque!


Mom helped me trace a dragon I picked onto the front and then I wrote the words. I did the long lines and most of the letters but Mom helped with some of the details. I was proud of myself and love my new sign. I was scared of getting burned and only dropped the woodturner once in fear. Mom snagged it up quick and we got back to work.



We pick up B later from camp! I really have missed him. I have talked non-stop the entire week.



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