Florida Aquarium

With our passes to Great Explorations we get into the aquarium for free this month. As a reward for Breighton doing well at the studio we got to visit the Florida Aquarium for the entire day.

I loved seeing all the animals at a nice and slow pace. I really liked the great horned owl.


The horseshoe crabs were very funny. They kept trying to climb the wall… backwards!


There were a lot of turtles.


We even watched a few shows. This one was about training animals. They had a SKUNK! Don’t worry he was de-scented.


The jelly fish were another of my favorite animals.


We were all smiles looking at all the wonderful things at the aquarium.


Breighton showed me how to do the puzzles.


We took a behind the scenes tour and got to see the kitchen where they prepare all the food for the animals. This was a frozen rat!


We saw how all the tanks worked from above.


I LOVED watching the giant sea turtle being fed! He targets the feeding stick and then gets rewarded with a fish stuffed with vitamins!


I got to touch an alligator TWICE today!



After we visited with all the animals we played at the Explore a Shore outdoor spray area. Mommy was impressed I made it through 7.5 hours at the aquarium with only asking to be carried a few minutes. I zonked out as soon as I was buckled into my car seat. I slept the entire way home and then another 15 min in the car in the driveway while Mommy and Breighton threw a frisbee around in the yard near me.

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