Baby Animals

We visited Mill Creek Farm on our last day in Ohio. They had a baby animal birthday party going on complete with cake and juice.

We played on all the tractors.


I loved petting the bunnies.


The goats were awesome as well.


My favorite was the duck duck duck…GOOSE! I really liked the ducks.


Baaaa. I asked Mommy is this was a “baa baa black sheep”?


Fuzzy Bunny! I love fuzzy bunnies!

Fuzzy bunnies at the Mill Creek Park Farm Animal Baby show

HAY! Hay is for horses not for little boys and girls. Breighton and I have been walking around saying that for weeks now. We picked it up from a few books we have been reading and now won’t let it go. Just don’t say HAY around us and you will be just fine!


From snow to tummy ick I enjoyed every moment in Ohio. I enjoy it more every time we visit. I can’t wait to come back over the summer for fireflies, fireworks and worms!

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