Some of my quirks

My favorite phrase as of late is; “Me too busy”. If Mommy asks me to do something I answer with a resounding ME TOO BUSY!

I am also obsessed with “money”. I LOVE to have coins in my hands and then put them in my wooden school house. If there is something I can’t have because Mommy says it costs too much money I chime in with “Me have school house, me have money, me use money buy this.”  I am really getting my sentences together, finally!

My hearing hasn’t been damaged by all the baby ear infections I had… I, playing outside, hear a coin drop in the house. I instantly shout out “my money” and come running to claim the cha-ching from the floor!

I am doing fantastic with the potty training.  Mommy still insists I trained myself all because of turtle underwear. I still need Mommy or Daddy’s help with undressing and dressing. The other night I wanted a drink in bed but was denied by the ‘rents until I can do potty completely on my own. (Mommy is grateful I wake up to go potty at night but not grateful she has to get up with me.) So after Mommy told me this, I get out of bed and say “me do it”. I proceed to strip off my pants and overnight diaper, and get on potty. When I finish, I then try forever to get diaper back on; sitting down, standing up, you name it. I absolutely refused to be helped. Finally Mommy asks if I want a pull up instead. I go through four looking for the bear pattern and then say “me like bears. Me no pee on bears”. Mommy coached me through getting dressed and I zip back to bed and fall asleep instantly. I am just stubborn!

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