24 arts and crafts projects in 24 days

Mommy has set a goal of 24 art projects in 24 days. So far we are very much on track.

So far we have made:

1) paper chains for the Christmas tree

2) tye-dye snowflakes

3) straw blowing paint blobs to make stars(snowflakes) and Christmas trees

4) salt dough ornaments for the tree

5) paint your own pottery

6) holiday scene stickers

7) line Christmas trees with sequin ornaments

8) sharpie tye-dye t-shirts



up her sleeve Mommy has:

gingerbread houses

build a snowman from cutouts

build a snowman with foam crafts

handprint wreaths

and MUCH more!!!

We have really been enjoying all the art projects!

Not the Brightest Crayon in the Box

So Mommy spent the evening last night in the walk-in clinic having brass fragments removed from her foot from when the grill brush fell on her foot last week. They were deep enough that they had to be cut out. Mommy has stitches on the top of her foot and is hobbling like a gimp. What a goof!

So today we hung out at home and played all day. Mommy kept her foot up and was trying to relax.

She allowed Breighton to cut some beads apart and I wanted a turn. I am awesome with scissors and small things and no danger thoughts ever crossed Mommy’s mind. I sat cutting for a few minutes. Next thing you know I am screaming and holding my face. At first, Mommy thought I poked myself in the face with the blunt nose scissors. NOPE! Rocket scientist me shoved a bead up my nose.

These are the beads we were cutting. They were from the Mardi Gras parade last year in Dunedin.


Mommy’s finger next to a bead for size reference.


Me sitting in the pediatric after hours emergency center to have said bead removed from my nose.


Can you see the shinny spot WAY up n the nostril on the left side of the picture!?


Needless to say, IT HURT! Two nurses and a doctor came in and bound me in a sheet and then the doctor took this really fancy crochet hook looking tool and popped that bead right out. Hopefully I remember this event for a long time and remember that you are NOT supposed to shove things in your nose!

After all was said and done I admitted to Daddy that I was cutting with the scissors, picked up the bead with the scissors and shoved it in my nose. When asked why I responded with a nice strong “BE-SUZ” (because in my language). What a moron!

Apparently Mommy did a similar thing when she was little as well.

Thanksgiving Day in Asheville

I refused my Thanksgiving lunch (probably because Breighton did) and just wanted to play. Mommy sent us downstairs to play while the adults enjoyed a peaceful meal. Afterwards Uncle Matt read us a bunch of books.


Daddy, Uncle Matt and Breighton zipped ahead while Mommy and I limped along the trails. I found a walking stick and kept stopping to draw arrows in the sand to help us find a way home.


I finally tuckered out in the last 1/10 of a mile. Daddy was kind enough to carry me on his shoulders. Daddy said I even nodded off for a few moments. I guess I was tired.


Happy Thanksgiving!

On the Town With Uncle Matt

I had a blast with Uncle Matt playing around at Health Adventure.


Breighton led me around and showed me all the cool stuff.


The next day we visited the WNC Nature Center. As I did last time, I took the guide map and had to match all the animals on the map to those in the cages. I was sad that there were no otters out due to work on their habitat.


Uncle Matt hunted for all the snakes with us.


I talked to this goat and a few sheep.


Grabbing some snuggles when I can!


Hatching from a mutant egg… that explains a LOT!


DEER! ME LOVE DEER! FYI I am a bit into deer lately. So please don’t shoot them!


Being a monkey.


I had a fun time with Uncle Matt and keep asking when we are going to pick him up again. I don’t quite get that he is all the way on the other side of the country now.