On the Town With Uncle Matt

I had a blast with Uncle Matt playing around at Health Adventure.


Breighton led me around and showed me all the cool stuff.


The next day we visited the WNC Nature Center. As I did last time, I took the guide map and had to match all the animals on the map to those in the cages. I was sad that there were no otters out due to work on their habitat.


Uncle Matt hunted for all the snakes with us.


I talked to this goat and a few sheep.


Grabbing some snuggles when I can!


Hatching from a mutant egg… that explains a LOT!


DEER! ME LOVE DEER! FYI I am a bit into deer lately. So please don’t shoot them!


Being a monkey.


I had a fun time with Uncle Matt and keep asking when we are going to pick him up again. I don’t quite get that he is all the way on the other side of the country now.

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