The Bald Eagle ATE Jumpy!

Today a bald eagle flew into the tree behind our house. We watched it pick at what we thought was moss and bugs for a while. They Breighton pointed out that it was eating a squirrel, specifically JUMPY the Squirrel. Jumpy is Curious George’s best squirrel buddy in the books and cartoons. I LOVE Jumpy! Every time I see a squirrel I scream JUMPY and point and giggle.

Well, Breighton insisted that the eagle was eating Jumpy. Almost instantly tears burst from my little eyes and I screamed “NO me go get Jumpy and stop tweet tweet no eat me keep Jumpy SAFE!” Then I stood on the kitchen table and screamed at the bird!

Mommy spent the rest of the day pointing out random squirrels in the yard or along the road to reassure me that Jumpy was just fine.

I guess big brothers are meant to torment little brothers… but this was a bit too much for me!


Air Heads

Today I went to Air Heads in Tampa. I had fun NOT jumping. Maybe next time. One of Mommy’s friends had a train for me to play with. I drove that around for a while and pretended to play all the video games in the arcade.


Shaving Cream

I absolutely LOVED playing with the shaving cream today.


I mixed the food coloring with the cream and made pink cream. Then I clapped my hands and made it fly all over! I laughed so hard.


Mommy made a slip-and-slide or ice skating rink with the shaving cream. I was VERY cautious at first but then I got brave and silly really fast.


I was spinning in circles and falling down. Thank goodness for the soft mat and squishy wet diaper.


Jump jump… CRASH!


Brieghton kept knocking me over. But I guess I started it by grabbing his ankles and not letting go.


Just about to fall again


Filthy! But SO HAPPY!


Play before Yuckies

Saturday we went to the neighborhood picnic and I had a blast playing on the playground. I even won a backpack full of school supplies! I was SO silly about it when my number was called. I acted really shy but was grinning from ear to ear. I am so proud of my new backpack. Oh, I also got new shoes. My first REAL pair of shoes that aren’t hand-me-downs. I was so excited I came home and put them on ALL BY MYSELF and proceeded to run about 50 laps around the kitchen-dining room-living room. I refused o take them off! I love my new shoes! 🙂

Sunday we spent the day at the playground. I had a lot of fun but got really fussy towards the end of our time.


A was just grumpy all day on Sunday. I woke Mommy up at 6am on Monday morning saying something about my throat was yuckie. Mommy gave me a sippy of water and went back to bed. Ten minutes later I screamed for her again and my bed was soaked. I blamed it on the water in my mouth and sippy cup. Mommy cleaned it all up and tucked me back in. ten minutes later I called for Mommy again. I wanted out of bed. Reluctantly Mommy pulled me down out of bed and i started vomit. She got me to the bathroom ad got me cleaned up. This went on for 6 more hours. I was throwing up in a bucket and very accurate.

I fell asleep on the living room floor at 11:30 and took a nice 2 hour nap. When I awoke I inhaled two waffles, crackers, a cup of water. Thirty Minutes later I downed mangos and ore crackers. I guess that was the end of that stomach virus!

I am feeling back to normal now and being such a goof! 🙂

Drum Circle.

I am not so sure about this Mommy it is REALLY loud. I started out on Mommy’s lap in a chair with a big drum but I was slightly terrified.


We moved to the ground and I was MUCH happier. I used Breighton’s old headphones and they made things a bit more tolerable.


My cheeks look so chubby! The earphones kept pushing forward. They were a little too big for me.


Listening to directions before banging on my drum.


Opting for the stick in the shoe.


I had fun but was not happy a vast majority of the event.