The Bald Eagle ATE Jumpy!

Today a bald eagle flew into the tree behind our house. We watched it pick at what we thought was moss and bugs for a while. They Breighton pointed out that it was eating a squirrel, specifically JUMPY the Squirrel. Jumpy is Curious George’s best squirrel buddy in the books and cartoons. I LOVE Jumpy! Every time I see a squirrel I scream JUMPY and point and giggle.

Well, Breighton insisted that the eagle was eating Jumpy. Almost instantly tears burst from my little eyes and I screamed “NO me go get Jumpy and stop tweet tweet no eat me keep Jumpy SAFE!” Then I stood on the kitchen table and screamed at the bird!

Mommy spent the rest of the day pointing out random squirrels in the yard or along the road to reassure me that Jumpy was just fine.

I guess big brothers are meant to torment little brothers… but this was a bit too much for me!


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